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Empowered viewers and rewarded publishers:
It’s how video sharing was meant to be

A powerful tool for publishers and fans

Amplify your reach by letting your fans create + share social content for you. Fight back against piracy + build organic buzz by giving fans an official avenue to create UGC.

Let your audience work for you

Your fans are your greatest advocates: let them work for you on social media! Every fan-made clip is an opportunity to sell new ads or increase subscribership.

Understand your audience

Gain powerful insights into your viewers and your content. Empower your audience to crowdsource their favorite moments of your content.



  • Vibby sits on top of your existing video player to enable sharing without creating unique video files.
  • There is a seamless setup process and compatibility with all major video providers and social networks.
  • And there’s no need for viewers to download the clips or any software, everything is happening directly on your platform.


  • Match your existing visual brand guidelines and enable your audience to engage with brand-specific graphic overlays.
  • Set limitations and parameters for user-generated sharing (single highlight vs multi highlight, length of highlight, etc).
  • Content optimized by your viewers for each platform and audience.


  • Unlock sponsored moments to enable your advertisers to leverage UGC to get in on the action.
  • Target in-video and post-video CTAs to increase conversions and help you achieve your content objectives.
  • Content optimized by your viewers for each platform and audience.

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