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Thousands of educators from around the world turn to Vibby to focus their students on the moments that matter.

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It's free and easy to use.

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There is an endless sea of educational content available just a few clicks away. With Vibby you can leverage the most relevant parts of that content to focus your audience on the moments that matter.

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No video editing experience? No sweat!

We’ve made Vibby extremely easy to use because we believe everyone should have the ability to make the most of the incredible educational content available just a few clicks away.

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Save time for you and your audience

Vibby not only saves time for the creator through a user-friendly highlight creation process, but also for the viewer who can watch only the highlighted parts of the video.

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Chrome Extension

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Install our Chrome extension to create highlights from any YouTube. Once installed the extension will place a “Highlight” button below the video player.

Don’t take our word for it

See how other educators are using Vibby to use video more effectively in and out of the classroom.

“I've needed something like this for a while.”

Clowery, Music Teacher


“Vibby is proving a godsend for my Spanish classes to show their interpretive listening skills! They just pick out the parts they understand and comment with what they think they mean.”

Laura, Spanish Teacher

North Carolina

“This would free up the teacher to work with individuals or small groups.”

Karen, Technology Teacher


“Vibby allows me as a teacher to send videos home with my students and easily embed the assignments. They’re moreI willing to do their work and love creating their own videos.”

Karin, Technology Integrator

New York

“Vibby is really a good application for aiding teaching and learning. It's ease-of-use is its most useful feature because there are other similar applications out there but they are far too cumbersome to use readily.”

Denise, ICT Instructor


“I like the look of this tool as it seems to offer scope for the creator and the viewer to comment on parts of the same video., making it ideal for teachers and students.”

Brendan, ICT/Digital Learning Lecturer


“Great for making most of YouTube clips and other online videos in class.”

Rob Chambers, Geography/ICT Teacher


“Great for creating interactive lessons.”

Winnie, Technology Integration Specialist


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We are honored to share that Vibby was recognized by the AASL as the 2016 Best Website for Teaching and learning!

AASL 2016 Best Website for teaching and learning

Supported platforms

You can choose any video from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or JWPlayer. We also support HTML5 video formats that are publicly hosted.

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