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How it works?

Take any video, trim and highlight the moments that matter and share it with others. It's easy as 1–2–3.


Select your video

There's no need to download the video, just copy the link from YouTube and paste it to start creating.


Clip and share

Choose the moments that matter, give your highlights a title, add hashtags and tag your friends.


You're done

That's it, you've created your highlight reel. Now it's time to share what you've created with others.


Vibby provides the tools to make video more flexible,
enabling you to share the moments that matter most.

  • Trim and highlight vibs


    Pick any YouTube video, trim and highlight the moments you want to share.

  • Comment on vibs


    Start a conversation around the moments that matter to your audience.

  • Share vibs


    Share your vib on any social media site or seamlessly embed it on a website or blog you manage.

  • Feature: Trim and highlight vibs
  • Feature: Comment on vibs
  • Feature: Share vibs

What people are doing with Vibby

Here are just a few of the many examples of how our users from all over the world are turning to Vibby to unleash the power of video.

  • esports

    Whether you’re a competitive gamer, Let’s Player, or just a huge fan of gaming, Vibby helps you make the most of video. Highlight and share exciting moments from long streams and ditch all the stuff in between. Engage your friends and fans. Archive the important clips.

  • Education

    There’s an incredible amount of high-quality educational content available for free online. However, all too often the clips they want to share with students are locked within a longer video. Educators turn to Vibby to harness the moments that matter and to more effectively incorporate video into the classroom.

  • Sports

    Vibby Sports is a tool that allow highlight and share the most relevant parts of any game tape. Whether you are a fan, coach, or athlete vibby is the easiest way to capture and share the best moments in sports. Social media plays a big role in sports, seeing lots of engagement from player to player, player to coach, and player to the sports community.

Vibby user testimonials

Laura Sexton

Spanish Langauge Educator

“Vibby is proving a godsend for my Spanish classes to show their interpretive listening skills! They just pick out the parts they understand and comment what they mean.”

Rebecca M.

eLearning Specialist

“I use Vibby to teach graduate courses in library and information studies. It’s easy to use, and helpful when my adult learners have a wide range of experiences with digital tools.”

Vibby user testimonials

Rich Campbell

Gamer & Shoutcaster

“Whether I am highlighting my stream or a live event, vibby is the only tool that provides me with the speed and flexibility I need to release my content when it is at its highest demand.”